A Memorable Night Out With Miami’s Best Night Life Booster

With reference to the content at The New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/18/style/a-night-out-with-one-of-miamis-night-life-boosters.html?_r=0

Moishe Mana said, “we are trying to create a movement, and we will not allow pretty girls to distract”. Mr. Mana, the 57-year-old founder of Moishe’s Moving and Storage, had just recently acquired a remarkable part of the Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. He paused enough before reproaching his companion, Michael, to pay him attention.

And the humble Michael Capponi, who was his host, obliged as he glanced up briefly from his Smartphone he had been monitoring for a while.

MIAMI BEACH—Leisurely walking a mid potted palms at Villa Azur, a young model bragged her evening headdress and evening gown. She was beautiful; however, the well-matched diners sitting at a close by dining table missed her, as they were over-involved in thoughts about the future of this resort town, too busy to pay her any attention.

michael capponi

Capponi, a 42-year-old nightlife impresario and developer, and who is a champion of humanitarian causes, had actually been listening to Mr. Mana. Capponi has made over 70 trips to Haiti following the 2010 earthquake where he pledged to engage in humanitarian courses like the Jacmel transformation to a tourist spot.

Capponi, talking to Mr. Mana, gloated as we said, “We built it from scratch,” referring to the restaurant that he constructed along with his partner, Gary Shears. The space, which he had built, is thriving these days becoming a hub for the power diners. Capponi said that it took about four months, and there was a lot of yelling. He wore a moderate suit coat over a striking tieless white shirt.

And as he has always done since the 1980s, Capponi likes promoting South Beach as the hub for nightlife boosters like Mansion, LIV, the Forge, and Set. Capponi, slinging his arm around a Miami Beach city commissioner, Michael Grieco, turned upbeat about restoring buyer confidence in otherwise a resort that people were predicting it would soon be under water.

Grieco told Capponi that they are raising the sea wall in order to assure investors the beach would be a long-term investment.